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A little bit of history   
About mineral waters in Tusnad area there are written evidences dating from the second half of the 18th century, mentioning the existence of springs with curative effects used by local people for maintaining health. Surnamed “Transylvania’s Pearl”, Tusnad is one of the most beautiful spas in Romania, with balneal activity since mid 19th century

Position and climate
Tusnad spa is situated in the southern part of Ciuc Basin, 650 m high, between Harghita and Bodoc Mountains, in a splendid gorge of Olt River. This location gives Tusnad a beautiful natural position, strongly ozonified air, rich in aerosols and negative ions, that fulfill a tonic mountainous bioclimate, favorable to psychical reconfortation. The average temperature is around 8 deg. C (17,5 in July and -7 in January), with cold winters and capricious summers.

Therapeutic mineral waters
These waters comefrom natural sources and they meet particular criteria regarding physical and chemical characteristics, they have pharmacodynamic effect on the human organism and they are used for therapeutic purposes. The categories of mineral waters in Baile Tusnad are: carbonated, salty-contaiming sodium chloride, containing calcium, containing magnesium, ferrous-chalybeate, containingsodium bicarbonate, hypotonic with an overall mineralization of 0.68 - 17.86 g / liter.

Natural therapeutic gases - Moffeta (carbon dioxide)
Moffettas represent natural carbon dioxide gas emanations dispersed in air. They result from the volcanism of the Eastern Carpathiens mountainous area and they are turned togood account in the balneary cure. Using natural gas emanations for therapeutic purposes in Romania is a unique fenomenon in the  world.
Attractions in Tusnad area

"Sf. Ana" Lake (alt. 950 m), 25 km. far, volcanic origin, unique in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Tinovul (mlastina) Mohos” (alt. 1056 m), situated near Sf. Ana Lake, declared natural park, habitat for rare species of plants.

Miercurea Ciuc, 30 km. far: Miko fortress, Ethnographic Museum.

Sumuleu Ciuc, 35 km. far: Franciscan Church, built in Baroque style, with one of the biggest organ installation in Transylvania.

“Red Lake” (Lacul Rosu), 115 km. far, the only natural barrage lake in Romania.

The Olt River gorges.

“Hawks Rock” (Stanca Soimilor)

Siculeni: Szekler Monument.

Toplita, 100 km. far: “Sf. Prooroc Ilie” Orthodox Church (1847).

Carta: the fortified peasant citadel.

Odorheiul Secuiesc, 70 km. far: Medieval Fortress (16th century).

Lazarea: "Movila Tătarilor" and the Castle of Cont Lazar.

Sfantu Gheorghe, 32 km. far: Szekler National Museum, Art Museum, Reformat Church in Gothic style (14th century).
Folklore festivals

Song, dance and popular dressings festival, Balvanyos, annually, June.

Folklore festival in Ica Fortress, Cernat, annually, July.

Mask ceremony, Cernat, annually, December.

Corund – ceramics with floral themes in blue and green.


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