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Hotel Tusnad complex
Hotel Tusnad ** Restaurant
Tusnad Cat. I
Bar  Cat. I Balneary treatment complex
212 places (in 104 duble rooms and 4 single room                   23 *** rooms                        85 ** rooms 165 places 34 places 900 patients/day 
Facilities and supplementary services

Direct access to balneary complex (also for disabled persons)


2 elevators

Coiffure and cosmetic

All rooms with balcony, bathroom, cable TV and international access telephone


Luggage room Concierge

24 h reception

Fax Xerox Internet

Club Tennis court

Conference rooms (2x12 seats, 1x200 seats)


Sauna Massage Hydro massage Fitness

Electrotherapy Mineral water pool

Magnetotherapy Mofeta
Natural therapeutic factors
mineral waters
moffetta (CO2 emanations)
bioclimate (strongly ozonified air, rich in aerosols and negative ions)
thermal waters
Main treated diseases
cardiovascular : chronic ischaemic cardiopathy, myocardial infarction complications minimum 3 months after leaving hospytal, arterial hypertension of primary type, valvulopathies stabilized forms, peripheral arterial affections , chronic affections of veins, people subject to risc factors for cardiovascular diseases

reumatismal, neurological conditions (complications after stroke), endocrine diseases (hiperthireosis, hypothireosis, Basedow diseases) metabolic and nuytrition conditions (diabetes mellitus, obesity) conditions of the digestive tract and associated liver and gall bladder ailments (chronic gastro-duodenitis, chronic gastric and duodenal ulcers, affection of gall bladder and bile ducts, chronic hepatites) affections of the kidneys and urinary tracts (renal calculi) associated affections (respiratory problems, professional ailments, rheumatic conditions)

Main treatments
prophylactic cures

Procedures in different diseases
cardiovascular: CO2 baths, moffetta, galvanic baths, massage
rheumatic: paraffin packs, plants baths, massage
nervous system diseases: magneto-diaflux, ionizations, medical physical culture, aero-helio-therapy
digestive: internal cure with mineral water, massage
endocrine: magneto-therapy, medical physical culture, massage, internal cure with mineral water, trips

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